A website archive

This blog is mostly about work related stuff but from time to time I’ll put something personal up to be a little reflective. In this post I’ve put links to old websites that I created in the period 1999 to 2004.  They are all html based and they sure as hell look like it.  Thankfully we’ve progressed a long way and we have a myriad of Content Management Systems or CMS’s around that take care of the layout and styling out of the box.  I was never meant to be a web designer 🙂 although they worked for the time but are incredibly dated now.

Palindrome Magazine (or Eye Palindrome Eye)

These are images of a magazine publication I created at Curtin University in 1993.  I no longer have the original files (MS Publisher) so what we have here are the scanned in images of the pages from each issue.  There may still be copies in the archives of the Curtin University Library. Unfortunately the publication only lasted one year and didn’t continue after I left Curtin.

I think the people who rallied around it did a good job and should be proud of what they did.  Of course it also attracted its share of unhelpful detractors as well.  Maybe the name was a bit pretentious. My favourite thing that occurred was after the first issue we were approached by several people to contribute articles and content.  This was great! My personal favourite was the stories of Frivo the Frivolous Worm by Chris Hansen.  The stories where done in the comment header blocks of BASIC programs.

We also had many contributions of book and music reviews.  I also helped create an article with James Rayner on the emergence of Grunge Rock, a rock music form I’ve loved and still love.  It was all in the name of FUN.

Thanks to all the helped and contributed you credits are listed in the scanned in images. FrivoAndGrunge I created a website to store the images for posterity back in 2004 and the link is here – and any old readers and contributors – please get in touch.

Croatia Cricket

Back in year 2003 or so I was asked by friends at the Croatian Cricket Association in Zagreb to create a website for them.  I got my brother to help out and this is what we came up with.  I think CMS technology was just getting off the ground back then and could have used it.  You can browse the archive through this link.  The current site is CMS based and available at http://www.croatia-cricket.hr/ HomePage

Slayers – Indoor Soccer Team Website

This site was created way back in the year 2000 and boy is it basic.  Captured match reports and photos from the games we played.  I didn’t keep it updated for long though.  This can more or less be handled in Facebook these days.


My first Personal Site

This was created in 1999 and hosted on freeservers.com  Again a basic site with holiday snaps and links to other materials.  Archive browsable here.  Now days we tend to use Facebook for personal sites.



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  • IPI: Eye Palindrome Eye, A Self Organising Team | Nikola Zdunić

    […] Right at the start I had support from my sub-editor, Jo, who instantly signed up to help out.  Our first issue we got out with a hotch potch of stories which we put together in MS Publisher and printed by rapidly using up the quota of free photocopying we had at the schools photocopier.  We slotted copies, after Jo’s idea, under key lecturers doors and handed then out to students with a call out to help out with articles.  (I’ve archived the issues in a previous blog post) […]

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