Reminiscence of the Week

Each weekend I’ll be posting something to remember.  Still awaiting an answer to last week’s question as well :).

These are t shirts back from the 80’s.  They sure did get a wearing out.  They no longer exist in the physical form 😦  Anyone interested in recreating them, especially the BAD one.


Big Audio Dynamite (B.A.D.) were a bad formed by ex Clash guitarist, Mick Jones and was a departure from the sound of the Clash although you could hear Mick wanting to include more eclectic influences in the Clash’s music.  They released 5 studio albums.

They finally hit it big in 1991 with the monster world wide hit ‘Rush‘.


Models were an Australian band of the early to mid 80’s.  The started out avant garde and alternative and ended up being more pop.  They released 5 studio albums and 2 mini albums.  Near the end of their career they produced a country album under the guise of ‘The Clampetts’.

  • Alphabravocharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf
  • Local &/or General
  • The Pleasure of Your Company
  • Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  • Models’ Media

Perhaps their most famous song is ‘Out of Mind, Out of Sight


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