Reminiscence of the Week

Been a hard and taxing week mentally and I almost had no energy this week’s installment.  In a relaxing moment I’ve ventured over to my record collection and pulled out one of non-English language records.  Actually my music is either English or Croatian, leaving this record to be a Croatian language record  (although others may claim it to be Bosnian).  It also continues the musical theme in all my reminiscences so far, a subject that is quite easy for me to dwell on.

The record I’m talking about is the one pictured here and playing as I write:


The record is called Kad Bi Bio Bijelo Dugme, was released in 1974 under the Jugoton Label (now Croatia Records) by eventual huge band Bijelo Dugme. It was their first album.  I picked it up second hand in Zagreb in 2013.  The record is in excellent condition with the sound crackles giving it extra warmth.

The album would be best described as progressive rock of the ilk prevalent at the time.  However, by far the most popular song and one that is instantly recognized during a Croatian get together (or any balkan get together for that matter) is the 1950’s Rock and Roll inspired Ne Spava, Mala Moja, Muzika Dok Svira (Don’t sleep, Baby, while the Music is playing), with it’s English language refrain Rock and Roll uttered during the chorus surrounded by the native language lyrics.  It’s quite a  departure from the rest of the album – it’s a bunch of fun.

Another popular song, is Selma.  The woman about whom it’s written was featured in an interview on Croatian TV only recently (2012) and was surprised (pleasantly) when original lead singer Željko Bebek appeared to perform the song.

WP_20140308_003 WP_20140308_004


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