Agile Values via Game Play

Last Friday (7 March 2014) during a training session in my class Introduction to Agile and Scrum I tried out a new game to introduce Agile Values.

The aim of the game is to get the participants talking about the success criteria on previous successful projects.  The game works like this:

Take 8 cards and label them with the following statements.  Individuals and Interactions, Processes and Tools, Working Software, Comprehensive Documentation, Customer Collaboration, Contract Negotiation, Responding to Change and Following a Plan.

Each group gets two minutes to divide the cards into two columns labeled More and Less.  I had a small group so gave each individual a set of cards to distribute.  The idea is then to generate a discussion on the statements and where they ended up with specific reference to the projects the attendees were thinking of.

You may have already noticed that the statements correspond to items in the Agile Manifesto.  It can work best if the attendees aren’t familiar with the Agile Manifesto.  In this my first run, the left hand sided statements from the manifesto ended up in the More column with one exception.  One person did put Processes and Tools into the More column and in discussion it turned out that the problem tended to fit into the Complicated Domain of the Cynefin Framework.  A good explanation of it from David Snowden the creator is here.

This game comes from tasty cup cakes and is called Matching Values.  I didn’t have time to use this for the 12 principles but will do so in the future, shortening the specific discussion points on these which I have in my notes.


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