Too Busy?

These sort of cartoons are popping up very regularly on LinkedIn.  I also get it in conversation as well – ‘we’ll look at it in 6 months’

Actually being too busy can mean that you are taking longer to deliver – see the multi tasking name game from Henrik Kniberg for an excellent example of a game you can play to illustrate this point.

Now for the plug, I provide services that are the wheel.  My company About Agile can help you improve.

Any comments?

toobusy_harkanforss toobusystonage
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2 responses to “Too Busy?

  • Grant Bedson

    Hi Nick,

    The folks at Shark Wheel have been busy “thinking outside of the square”.

    Shark Wheel literally reinvents the wheel, at least for skateboards

    – Grant Bedson

    • Nick

      This taking the phrase ‘full circle’ to the extreme! Great article. What would cap this off is too see that they used an agile product development approach. Dan North reminded us during the week to take a look the New New Product Development game. An article that was published in 1986 and as relevant as ever.

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