Leadership in Crisis – Cause of Many Problems

You see this everywhere.  Disrespectful, selfish and inhumane behaviour up and down the the entire food chain.  We really need to be better.  Seddon talks about Failure Demand, and we see in this video the worst sort of failure demand has been measured and it’s incredibly high at 88%.  88% of people go home unhappy, left to think that they have less worth.  In this video we can see an important root cause. Click the picture below to watch the full video.

We need to work on bringing this 88% figure down!

The effects of this ripple right through society in many ways, and we tend to blame the individual and react to the symptoms only.  Work for the Dole in Australia IMHO is a reaction to a symptom and not tackling root causes.   Blaming people for being unemployed is the worst way to demean people.  Factors out of their control, for the most part ,causes unemployment.  The current government wants a policy of forcing people to move for work.  This only suits themselves, and their supporters, and only marginally takes into the consideration the needs of the people themselves.

I reviewed L. David Marquet’s book and he tackles this and more and more modern writers like Sinek and Pink are building on the works of Ohno, Deming, Drucker and Ackoff and probably a few others I’m yet to be made aware of or have forgotten.

For me realizing that everyone benefits and not just a few is key to long term success.  Financial success is a useful by product of fostering a great culture and focusing on quality in all aspects of work.  Happy people produce better results.

Video can be viewed by clicking the picture below.

Leadership Crisis - Barry Wehmiller - Happiness


Let’s move from a Me-Centric culture to a We-Centric culture


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