Create your own Manifesto

This is a reproduction and completion of a post created last year on another website.  This is my manifesto. I attach to the other manifestos still but this is my own.  Try creating your own.  It would be nice to see what you really attach to.  No doubt they will be similar in theme.  If you can make an acronym that would be even better, easier to remember.  Below is version 2.  I expect to sharpen it up over time.

Got to have GRITS

In a world full of mnemonics which seem to be just for the sake of it (e.g. S.H.I.E.L.D), I’m unabashedly introducing a new one which encapsulates a number of values and principles I hold and uphold.

No doubt there are overlaps with other values and principle systems and I gladly welcome that.  Largely it’s inspired from the Agile Manifesto, XP Values, Declaration of Interdependence and this really excellent and detailed expression of values from acQuire Technology Solutions.

This is my own personal take for which I’d take ownership in.

Here goes – it’s called GRITS

G(enuine) – Be honest and forthright rather than vague and ‘faking it’

R(espect) – To listen to and respect (not necessarily agree with) the views of others rather than jump to hasty conclusions

I(ntegrity) – Hold true to good human values rather than seek to benefit from someone else’s misfortune

T(ransparency) – Be open about why, what and how rather than deliberately obfuscate and be obscure

S(incere) –  Mean what we say rather rather than be glib and hollow

Whilst we try and be all things on the left we sometimes recognize we fall into the poor behaviours on the right and seek to correct that.


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