Managing work with ScrumDo – Part 2

Continuing on with a series on ScrumDo, a board that is not as well known but sure to still gain more users especially for those that want to evolve their Scrum implementations.  You can read first article in the series here.

In this article I’ll present some extra features that I’ve discovered over the course of running several sprints over a couple of projects.

Multiple Sprint/Iteration View

In this screen shot we see multiple sprint views.  Selecting from the drop down we can check the iterations/sprints we’d like to see visible at one time.

Can view multiple sprints

This is been useful to move incomplete stories into the next sprint and to get a view of sprints over a release.  Here’s an example:

Use Multiple Sprint View to move to new sprint and some items into the input queue

Exceeding a WIP Limit

Here we can see the Doing/Done column has had it’s Work In Process (WIP) limit exceeded with the WIP value shaded in Pink.  This means I should really be pulling into Reviewing.

Done Column exceeded - need to pull into review - found I didn't need 52 as such because I was documenting as I went

I found that a the Doing/In Progress column WIP limit, based in Story Points, was too low.

Exceeding a WIP limit - will need to adjust it's too low

I eventually increased the WIP Limit as shown here:

WIP now set to 4 SP (If I stop using SP then I would have to switch to cards)

Scrumban for more flow

I found that I could progress to a more flow based replenishment of work, still within the context of a iteration.  No it’s not Scrum, it’s ScrumBan – at least I think it is.  I’ll leave it to others to decide on what is ScrumBut or ScrumBan (please leave a comment).  Teams can work out the best process for themselves from a sound basis.  In another project with another person we find this style works a lot better for the context we are in.

Scrumbanning - pulled in from Input Queue - fastidious scrum wouldn't permit this

Tasks can be Visible on the Board

A colleague and I found that having tasks with a story visible in some columns aids in visibility.  We used the board editor to amend the doing column to have this.  You will also notice buffer columns added to more visibly display that items were ready to be pulled into the next part of the value stream.

Reorganizing for Sprint 3 - partway through

Now for some Requests

Acceptance Criteria

It would be nice to have an explicit area for Acceptance Criteria.  We utilized the comments to achieve this, however it’s easy to lose them amongst the other comments.

Would be nice to have a section for Acceptance Criteria with Checklist, using Comments for now

Story turned out to be an Epic – keep the comments

Sometimes stories are too big and you do not realise this until later.  Now this can be tackled by improved story breakdown and this does happen, however stuff happens and things slip through.  I had one such episode where I had several comments against a story.  These turned out to be more like splitting comments, so I wanted to convert the story into an Epic.

I did this but I lost the comments as a result.  There were quite a few.  The friendly support staff restored a backup but it was too late.  My changes occurred with the window between backups.

Cool Features yet to be tested

ScrumDo has extensive integration with other tools.  GitHub integration looks cool, up against other tools that do this as well like

GitHub Integration 1

In upcoming posts I’ll show some more features like the reporting capabilities.  For example Cumulative Flow Diagrams.

A colleague has told me that he is liking ScrumDo.  It has more flexibility than tools like TFS.  Still some quirks, but overall we are pretty satisfied with the experience.


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