They never replied part 2 – They always report too late

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post about news reports about waste debacles in the WA State Government.  Now in yesterdays West Australian (see picture below, How The Cracks Appeared) we find out that in July 2014 that they realised $6 million had been wasted on the paperless environment project for Fiona Stanley hospital.  We also find in the same article that there are more endemic problems in the system.

FSH Report Too Late

Many saw this first hand.  We saw it coming. Some tried to raise the alarm but upper management would not hear them.  They were valid concerns.  Some decided to leave out of honour.  Some stayed silent but knew of the issues but felt it unsafe for career and more basic survival needs to stay silent.

Time and time again we see these incidents whereby a post mortem reveals the truth only after the waste has been realised.  Like most post mortems no real lessons are learnt.  I hear in a news report that the premier Colin Barnett thinks that Fiona Stanley Hospital is running well.  Talk about sweeping dirt under the carpet, the typical old style politician more concerned for political survival.

F Scott Fitzgerald Mindset

Courtesy Bold Mover and Bernd Shiffer

We can get so blinkered to our own point of view that we shut ourselves out to other ideas (I wrote last year about this).  The challenge is to train ourselves to accept diversity of opinion.  It can be done.  For example try dissent cards from David Marquet or Ritual Dissent from Cognitive Edge. Dissent can be done with respect. Even if not done with respect, take notice and look to repair the grievance as well.

Overall adoption of Lean mindsets is the first starting point.  Here’s an article from last year about this and good be a nice easy start.  This is Lean by Niklas Modig is also a good start.  There is much more but it could be overwhelming to start with all of it.

One request of the State Government.  Do not spend that $25 million mentioned in this article on working out how to do it better.  It’s just a repeat of same disastrous mindsets.  It can be done much, much cheaper. Just start small with one idea.  The founder of Zambrero had the right idea with the One Disease initiative.

In memory to recently departed former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, I’d like to repeat his quote as it’s apt in life when things appear to be hard. “Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but take courage child — it can be glorious.” it’s originally from Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw. Fraser was seen as a divisive figure but I hope he’d also embrace this mindset.


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