Complete my collection of Croatia Soccer Jerseys


Pictured is my collection of Croatian Soccer Jerseys taking up most of the closet – LOL.  They don’t get worn and some still have their tags.

But I’m missing some.  Can you help me find them.  Responses please in the comments.  One’s in good condition please.

Here’s a list of Jerseys throughout the years that I know of.  The years I have are in bold.


1994 – first accepted into FIFA – but did they have a jersey?

1996 – Used in Euro 1996

1998 – 2000 – although missing the blue away jersey

2002 – 2004







Here’s a snap shot taken from Wikipedia.  I think the 1990 one doesn’t look right.  It was a smaller check pattern was it not? 1940 would be a rare find I imagine!

Croatian Kit History


One response to “Complete my collection of Croatia Soccer Jerseys

  • Neven kolakusic

    Ye i love this stuff to man i have every top from 1994-2016 including the 2002 away very hard find i also have the original top they played against usa in 1990 all original as well.i still wana get the tops from 1991-93 very tough if u know of anyone let me know

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