Hans only wanted to better himself

Hans, not his real name, was a colleague I worked with who was wrongly maligned by management and others as well.

He wanted to improve and seek out other areas to be involved in. His style was wrongly interpreted. Management regarded him as someone to have a chuckle about, behind his back. He was told he could get what he wanted but that was just a smokescreen.

When he wasn’t around he would come up as a subject of mirthful derision and ridicule. For instance, “I can’t wait til he finally leaves, ha ha ha” which drew some nervous laughter from others and downright agreement from others.

This was bad behaviour. Why would management not want to encourage someone to become better. Why should his reasonable human reactions be cause for further derision.

Instead of blaming the individual, seek to create the environment and conditions for him and others to further excel. That’s leadership and is sorely missing in many workplace environments.

Mentoring, Training, Support are words that immediately come to mind. Recognition that Hans was misunderstood is a step in the right direction.



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