Best Posts for 2015

Not as many posts as the previous year with just 36.  However the blog received more views that the previous year.

The Most Popular

Again, my review of L.David Marquet’s book Turn the Ship Around was the most popular.  Seems like a popular book and the author regularly recommends looking it up.   My series on Personal Kanban has trended well again but a long way back in the field.  The blog on Realizing the Power of Agile Testing was initially popular.

Blog stats 2015

My Favourites

2015’s favourites includes the case study on Agile Testing entitled Realizing the Power of Agile Testing.  It was initially very popular through some sharing on Twitter and Linked In.  Not a popular subject for web key word search it seems so it’s popularity was fleeting.  The message is still powerful.

A blog added at the end of the year and received a number of hits (96 in two weeks – not bad considering overall hits to the blog) was a tip for those doing scrum to add workflow to their task boards.  It’s called Avoid the Workflow Masquerade.  I expect that to continue to be popular this year.

The Controversial Ones

This item on making the best of your abilities is controversial because it challenges some poor behaviours which are for the most part condoned but ultimately reduce the effectiveness of teams and the ability to hire new people.

The Unloved Ones

This one would also be termed controversial.  It’s a rant about the bad behaviours at work.  It has some tips at the end though.  Didn’t get much love due to the nature of the article I suspect.

Looking forward to a new year of blogging in 2015.

Happy New Year – All the Best – Nick


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