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The Importance of Shared Purpose

My latest blog is actually one written for my employer here in the United States, Code Genesys.

You can take a look at it here and is on the importance of shared purpose.  Keep practicing that because it’s hard for first timers and anyone whose experienced for that matter.  Well worth the investment in time 🙂

I have an example of a company who go to great lengths to maintain their purpose.  An old blog article written 2 years ago.


Gaming of Weighted Lead Time

I think this highlights important points about metrics. I favour fewer of course, however this one looks like it’s very useful.

The IT Risk Manager

This post is in response to Kent McDonald’s excellent question on the Weighted Lead Time post. The question deserves a longer response. Kent asked… “What are some of the behavior changes you have seen from teams or organizations when they started paying attention to this metric?”

I spent over two years at Skype working on metrics at the organisational level, especially operational metrics. I learnt two key lessons:

  1. All metrics will be gamed. In fact Robert Benefield, an expert in game theory, gave the following advice. “All metrics will be gamed, when you design a metric, start with the behaviour you want and then create the metric so that when it is gamed, you get the behaviour that you want”. A variant of lead time is a great example. The easiest way to game lead time variants is to create smaller units of work which is exactly the behaviour we…

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Photos Augusta Georgia and Columbia South Carolina

Just a few photos I posted on Google+ from a trip for work to Columbia South Carolina. I passed through Augusta Georgia the home town of a musical hero, the late James Brown.


Lean Coffee Meetup in Perth 21st May 2015

For a first time run it went pretty well. The meetup link at has photos of the topics we discussed in the photo album.

Great discussion from all attendees and all would agree that they went away learning something new from the event and also meeting some new folks in the Agile and Lean space.

Hopefully there will be interest to hold this type of meetup again in the future.

Thanks Agile Perth and Lean Perth Meetup Groups for helping to promote the meetup and AgWorld for sponsoring the event.

Good to see cross pollination of Lean and Agile folks in the same meetup space.

Nikola Zdunić

For those of you in Perth, there will be a Lean Coffee Meetup next Thursday the 21st of May 2015 starting at 5:45pm.

AgWorld are sponsoring by providing the space and some drinks and snacks. They are centrally located in Leederville and there will be parking on the street available for those driving or it is easily accessible from Leederville train station.

A Lean Coffee is a formal, yet informal, discussion where you come with your ideas and requests and start a conversation.

The meetup link gives a bit more information. You’ll find out more on the night and it promises to be an engaging evening.

Please signup via the meetup link.

There will be a limit of 15 attendees.

Hope to see some of you there.

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Organizational Debt is like Technical debt – but worse

To quote Stephen Parry @leanvoices – ‘The soft stuff is the hard stuff and if you don’t do the soft stuff you wont get the hard stuff’ .

The quote is quite apt because technical refactoring is the hard stuff and organisational refactoring is the really, really, really hard stuff to execute.

Steve Blank

Startups focus on speed since they are burning cash every day as they search for product/market fit. But over time code/hardware written/built to validate hypotheses and find early customers can become unwieldy, difficult to maintain and incapable of scaling. These shortcuts add up and become what is called technical debt. And the size of the problem increases with the success of the company.organizational debt

You fix technical debt by refactoring, going into the existing code and “cleaning it up” by restructuring it. This work adds no features visible to a user but makes the code stable and understandable.

While technical debt is an understood problem, it turns out startups also accrue another kind of debt – one that can kill the company even quicker – organizational debt. Organizational debt is all the people/culture compromises made to “just get it done” in the early stages of a startup.

Just when things should be…

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Agile, Lean and Software Book Sale

I have a number of hard copy books for sale.  They are great books and I would keep them.  However I want less clutter in my life and will switch to electronic format for ease of storage and usability (for me).

Some still want the old style and these books are still valuable.  They are in excellent condition and should expect to receive a decent second hand price.  I’ve not listed a price along side the books but you can use your own detective skills to make a decent and respectful offer. For those living in Perth, Western Australia I’m happy to drop off the book personally.  For others postage will be an extra cost.  Email me at n_zdunic AT yahoo DOT com DOT au to make an offer.

As the items are sold I will put a strike through the item.

Book List

Domain Driven Design – Eric Evans

Refactoring – Martin Fowler

Peopleware – Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister

Code Complete – Steve McConnell

Rapid Development – Steve McConnell

Test Driven Development – Kent Beck

Writing Effective Use Cases – Alistair Cockburn

Agile Software Development – Robert C. Martin

Software Architecture – Len Bass et al

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns with Examples in C# and .NET – Jimmy Nilsson

Analysis Models-Reusable Object Models – Martin Fowler

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Vol 1 – Buschmann et al

Project Retrospectives – Norm Kerth

The Secrets of Consulting – Gerald M. Weinberg

Death March – Edward Yourdon

Agile Project Management 1st Edition – Jim Highsmith

User Stories Applied – Mike Cohn

Extreme Programming Explained 1st Edition – Kent Beck

Extreme Programming Explained 2nd Edition – Kent Beck with Cynthia Andres

The Pragmatic Programmer – Andrew Hunt & David Thomas

Coaching Agile Teams – Lyssa Adkins

Enterprise Integration Patterns – Gregor Hohpe & Bobby Woolf

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture – Martin Fowler

Refactoring to Patterns – Joshua Kerievsky

Scaling Software Agility – Dean Leffingwell

Writing Solid Code – Steve Maguire

Debugging the Development Process – Steve Maguire

The Mythical Man Month – 20th Anniversary Edition – Fred Brooks

Surviving Object-Oriented Projects – Alistair Cockburn

UML Distilled Second Edition – Martin Fowler

Dynamics of Software Development – Jim McCarthy

Object-Oriented Software Construction – Bertrand Meyer

Continuous Delivery – Jez Humble and David Farley

Create Leaders at Every Level, Workshop – Agile Australia 2015

I highly recommend attending the course. The book is an absolute marvel and being involved in a live workshop will help you embed the ideas into your own minds and further into your organisation.

Blog: Intent-Based Leadership

Join us for a workshop at the Agile Australia Conference in Sydney on June 16th.

Create Leaders at Every Level, Workshop: Practical steps on HOW to Delegate & Inspire your Team

Creating Intent-Based Leadership organizations results in a work place where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity. A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work – a place where everyone is a leader. 

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