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Technical Debt is Risk Management

Good to have clean code for less headaches. That effort you put in pays off for you and your customers handsomely. If you struggle with quality, start on your journey to improving. Get yourself a plan to improve.

The IT Risk Manager

A few years ago I was lucky enough to work with Steve Freeman. Steve is the Gordon Ramsey of Software Development. If you have a badly formed code base, expect to hear about it. Steve worked with the graduate, Mark, on the team to “refactor”* some code. They created tests that clarified the intent of the code. Most impressive to me was that they reduced the size of the code base by 80%. Imagine you are editing a 200 page book with random duplication. Steve and Mark’s work reduced that to 40 pages and removed the unnecessary duplication. Everything was where it should be, and you only had to find something once rather than find a random number of instances. (Note: Some teams print off the code they delete and put it in a “book of dead code”) This was vital work as we were about to make significant…

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BETA Test: ICAgile Agile Testing Course

I’m developing a course on Agile Testing which emphasizes the collaborative nature of Agile Software Development.  This is covering ATDD, BDD and Specification by Example and others.

The course will be accredited by ICAgile which requires some test runs before final accreditation.  If you’re interested in the course outlines please take a look at the ICAgile website for details.  The course will consists of two parts:

  • ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Testing (ICP-TST) – a 2 day course for the foundations
  • ICAgile Certified Professional in Test Automation (ICT-ATA) – a one day course after the foundations that could be taken as part of the foundations making it a 3 day course or done separately.

I’m seeking interest in running the course in a BETA mode with special deals to be negotiated whilst in BETA mode.

This could be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and realize the benefits of a truly agile and value producing process.

Please be in touch if you’re interested.

It would also be great if I could hear from companies that do outsource or offshore development and multi-team developments.  The course deals with these environments and input with real experience would be a great addition.  Get in touch even if you are the slightest bit intrigued.  Whether you take part can be a separate conversation.

The email address to contact me on is “info @ aboutagile DOT com”