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It was late, so what!

The year was 1993 and I did an honours year at Curtin University.  I was awarded a Lower Second.  It was late by a month and they said it was worth an Upper Second.  FYI – To get First Class you need to doing an original piece of work.  I was extending something already started.

Was that a valid reason to give a lower score.  Others were late but apparently gave good excuses, like finishing a piano competency and some others I don’t recall but sounded equally invalid.


I decided not to contest.  Dates are not a valid measure as such.  It someone finds it valuable then this should not matter.  That said managing WIP and slicing work would’ve helped.  But despite this we still get it wrong and yet we place so much emphasis on deadlines and their cousin estimates.

I did something more valuable in retrospect.  I was a student councillor and I created a magazine and got people collaborating.  Getting a lower mark on a lone pursuit is a small price to pay then so be it.  I get and still receive criticism for it.  I think they are wrong.

Do something that aligns to your ‘Why‘ as Simon Sinek would say.  Conformance leads to mediocrity I think.

For those interested the work of the thesis (1, 2) was on MIME – the start of multimedia in internet email.  The stuff in the work is now so everyday it’s really dated.  If I had known about Visual Basic I could have created a program in 20% of the time as compared to C and X-Windows.  It could have been in earlier even.  But I could not be seen to be using a simple language at a University. LOL.

It’s still worth an Upper Second for the time – if they said it was!