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Project Phoenix: A light introduction to Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean –> DevOps

 For me this was not a great read despite the hype surrounding the book.  But don’t let that stop you from reading this book.  In fact if you are interested in learning something about Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean and Kanban this is the perfect introduction in the form of a business novel.

Now a novel is usually read for enjoyment, but I found the rubber doesn’t hit the road till about Chapter 14.   It’s a bit a long introduction til we start getting into solutions.  Then it starts to shine and the disaster looking like having a horrible death goes through a remarkable transformation.

Again if you’re not familiar with any of the concepts this is a great introduction.  If you’re interested in improving the state of your workplace grab yourself a copy.  It’s especially important for demonstrating the need for a more symbiotic relationship between all parts of service delivery and hence the rise of DevOps.