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Respectful Conduct?

Was out at Morley Galleria today.  Was asked by some homeless people for money.  I refused.  I thought again.  Read what I left with Coventry Village.  I could have been taken for a ride.  Is that not a symptom of a bigger problem?




Ask How (don’t say no)

Firstly this is intended as a reminder post as there is probably more to say about this in the future.

A response I’m still training myself to do is to ask How, instead of outright no when I’m presented with an idea.

I find by asking How, defensive constructs do not appear and the full story emerges and greater understanding emerges.  Untold benefits then emerge by themselves.  I want to give examples of myself exhibiting this incorrect response as well as me being on receiving end.  That will come later.

This is filed under Being Agile (not just Do Agile) and Conflict management.  I have other blog posts that deal with this in a related way – 1, 2, 3

Any comments welcome in the meantime.