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Retro Games from the 80’s

A reminiscence. Remember the basic graphics and sound of those early games. Here’s a simple game called Gridder I cloned from a Commodore 64 game called Supergridder. It’s written in C.  I was infatuated with this simple game of the C64 and thought it an interesting project to write my version of the game as a project.

Screen 2 of Gridder

Screen 2 of Gridder

To run it you will need a Dos emulator like DosBox. You will also need to slow the CPU speed down in the emulator. In dosbox you can use Ctrl-F11 to decrease the CPU speed.  Use the mount command in the emulator to access the downloaded game on your local hard drive e.g. mount c c:\temp.

When the game was written it worked on much slower hardware. It’s quite hard to play when it’s too fast.  If you have an ancient dos machine it will probably still run.

Game Play

The idea of the game is to fill in the borders of the rectangles to cause a rectangle to be filled in. At the same time the player needs to stay out of sight of the two bugs. If you are caught you lose a life but you can put a temporary gap between you and the bug by pressing the F1 key. On completion of a screen you move onto another screen with a different layout. You score by filling in rectangles. Complete a screen fast and score a bonus with the time left on the countdown timer added to your score.